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Coast G19 Torch
Coast G19 torch. produces a powerful tightly-focussed ‘inspection’ beam from its super-tough water-r..
Coast G45 Torch
Coast G45 torch has 6 LEDs providing a very bright, 135-lumen white flood beam. 11cm long 3xAA..
Coast TX10 4 Colour Torch
Pocket-sized anodised-aluminium case, 10cm long Coast TX10 Torch produces a bright white flood li..
Coast G50 Torch
Coast G50 Torch packs a lot of power into a very small case – 12cm long, so easily fits into a pocke..
Coast G30 Torch
Coast G30 torchproduces a powerful 130m beam which can be focussed from flood to spotlight with a si..
Coast HP7TAC Torch
The Coast HP7TAC provides an incredibly bright beam – more than 250 lumens over almost (200m. For..
Coast HP14 Torch
The Coast HP14 torch offers a choice of high intensity (up to 4¾hr run time) and low intensity (up t..
Coast HP17 Torch
The Coast HP17 is a large and powerful torch at 33cm long Projects a massive 575-lumen beam over ..
Coast HP314 Torch - Ultra Distance
The Coast Ultra-distance HP314 Torch - Long Range LED Torch Reaches Half a Mile. With optics spec..
Coast EAL15 Lamp - Pocket Size Emergency Lamp
Coast EAL15 Lamp - Pocket Size Emergency Lamp Pocket size emergency light combines a hand-held wh..
Coast EAL15 Lamp
The Coast EAL15 lantern offers 5 lighting modes – white light at 3 intensities, and solid and flashi..
Coast EAL20 Lamp
The Coast EAL20 Lamp - 10 Nights' Lighting on One Set of Batteries. 5 lighting modes - white ..